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  • Vincennes is a city which now touches Paris to the east but was long enough far from the capital for King Charles V to decide to build a castle there in complete safety. A former prison now a museum, the vast fortified complex contains the highest keep in Europe as well as a superb Sainte Chapelle. The Château Royal borders on one side the Bois de Vincennes and the lush Parc Floral, on the other the upscale city, with its lively center and interesting heritage.
  • Half day tour in Versailles: the most visited chateau in the world, built under the authority of Louis XIV, the Sun King. Guided tour of the palace of Versailles, the main Chateau grand apartments, and the king's bedchamber, along with the park's fountains and groves. Transportation will take place with local train between Paris, Versailles and back.
  • The tour will introduce the abbey of the Val-de-Grâce, built in the middle of the XVIIth century by Queen Anne of Austria to thank God for her son Louis XIV's birth. Since the Revolution, the abbey has been transformed into a military hospital. Inside the sumptuous church: many sculptures or paintings by Philippe de Champaigne and the beautiful Saint Anne chapel where the Queen was buried. The history of medical military service museum is located in the historical part of the building, around the magnificent cloister.
  • Discover contemporary art exposed in various art centers usually closed to the genaral public with outstanding patrimonial value and meet artists in their workshop. Destined to art lovers, this tour also propose to go beyond Paris city limits to the suburbs in order to visit suburban ateliers or renowned art galleries located in the Greater Paris area.
  • The Jérôme Seydoux Pathé cinema foundation is an amazing place, housed in a beautiful building created by the famous architect Renzo Piano. On top of the building itself, the tour will allow access to research and archive rooms, a temporary exhibition of 1900's posters, and the permanent collection of movie camera through the ages. At the end, experience a silent movie with live piano in the superb Charles Pathé movie theater!
  • Come and explore this unknown neighborhood of Paris, hidden between the Opera and Montmartre. From famous 19th century artists' mansions to small museums dedicated to romantic or symbolic painters, follow the path of vibrant artists such as Chopin or Delacroix. Discover hidden alleys, artists hideouts and amazing stories linked to this little known district. Two  intiliate and beautiful Museums on option: the painter Gustave Moreau's house-atelier and the musée de la vie romantique (Romantic life Museum)
  • Visit this authentic palace hidden in the heart of Paris where a enthusiast has spent all his life gathering the biggest private collection of Napoleon's objects in the world! Access the beautiful and gilded rooms where portraits, sculptures and pieces of furniture are exposed at an arm's reach in an apartment manner, without anyone around! The end of the tour will see the secret cabinet of curiosities open, where the visitor can marvel at some unique pieces of the collection belonging to the Emperor Napoleon and his family. Treat yourself: stroll the collection with a glass of premium champagne!
  • The Latin Quarter walk aims at understanding the charms and hidden secrets of the "Rive Gauche" (left Bank) of the Seine River. We'll start at Saint Michel outside the fontain and will beguin to understand what the area and urban planning looked like through history, first at the Roman period, then during medieval times, prior to the massive changes due to Haussmann in the 19th century, giving the face it has today. Strolling between narrow winding medieval streets and major boulevards, we'll have a chance to see and visit some of the most beautiful monuments of the 5th district: various churches, the Pantheon, the Sorbonne university, the Middle Ages museum, the Roman terms and many more little known and incredible sites.

    Note this tour doesn't include tickets entrances to monuments.

  • In 1670, there was nowhere to house disabled or destitute soldiers who fought for France. Louis the XIVth, sensitive to the plight of soldiers who served during his many campaigns, decided to build the Hotel Royal des Invalides. Now assigned to the Ministry of Defence but also housing many organizations from other departments, the Invalides still retains its first hospital-hospice function for the severely disabled veterans of war. Aside the visit of the museum of war and its many secrets, we will go over the political design of the king behind the institution and its influence in the urban landscape in Paris.
  • This tour will take you back to the fascinating era of the French Revolution, and make you relive the events of the past. Despite the fact that most of the buildings from that period in history have disappeared, we still find numerous traces on our first route in Le Marais, especially in the area between the Place de la Bastille and the Hôtel de Ville, around rue Saint-Antoine. The other route takes us from historic Concorde square, along the rue Sainte Honoré towards the Palais Royal, where it all began!
  • The tropical garden visit with the remains of the 1907 colonial exhibition is like journeying in totally different worlds, from Indochina with temples and lush vegetation to North Africa with various pavilions from Tunisia or Morocco, through Congo, Madagascar and many more. This tour takes the visitor to an exotic trip in the footsteps of the former French Empire's different cultures! A break is also planned at the vast greenhouses where an association of enthusiasts present and sell their locally grown fruits and vegetables produced by permaculture.
  • The walk will highlight the life and fate of the Menier family, who were at the head of the largest chocolate factory in the world in the end of the 19th century. Around park Monceau, they left us three beautiful mansions in an area favored by the financial elite of these days. One of them will open to allow visitors to admire a unique staircase, two unexpected courtyard, and the little known pharmacy museum.
  • Société Générale imposing headquarters at la Défense, set in three towers next to the Grand Arche, houses a beautiful contemporary art collection. At first destined to the group's collaborators, works of art are now dispersed into the group main centres, but the most valuables ones are housed in a gallery, with an overview of the vast hall where converge daily 20 000 workers. Along with the permanent collection, a tour of American artist Fahamu Pecou's impressive temporary exhibition is also programmed.
  • The name of this neighborhood comes from the ancient abbey of Saint Germain, one of the richest and most prestigious in Europe. Only the church remains today, and it is the most ancient in Paris with its oldest part dating from the 11th century. This area was also the meeting place of the intelligentsia and international artists before World War II, as well as for postwar philosophers. It is celebrated as the birthplace of jazz in Paris, and is famous for it nightly revelry and crazy parties. This walk will explore all of these fascinating aspects, as well as the superb Luxembourg Palace and Gardens. You will see why Saint Germain guards the literary soul of the left bank and boasts ‘chic Paris’, typical of the 6th arrondissement.
  • With the Russian Paris tour you will discover Russian culture throughout its history, all around the French capital, and above all religious institutions, well known and sometimes hidden, one of which containing two trees growing inside!

    You'll get to see amazing nineteen century typical wooden Russian houses in a back alley usually closed to the public and learn about the lives in Paris of famous Russian representatives, such as Turgenev, Bunin, Pushkin or Chagall as well as a rather more contemporary Russian presence, through nightlife and gastronomy. Tour also available with a private VIP car.

  • The tour begins at Saint Denis, where we will visit the sprawling, lively market. The stalls lead to the pedestrian street, the town’s central artery. At the end of this road, a large open square offers a fantastic view of the majestic Basilica. The visit includes the tombs of the kings and queens of France, the crypt and its treasures, and the central part of the cathedral. You will also have the opportunity to admire other remarkable features of the town, like former buildings of the Saint Denis Abbey, the former Carmel monastery, and the pretty Légion d’honneur park. The walk ends near the metro and tram stops in the newer area of Saint Denis.
  • The walk will show mansions and places once occupied by Napoleon's most famous generals or ministers. If most of them are hidden behind closed doors today, a few will allow us to go and feel the quiet atmosphere and luxury with lavish decor and beautiful trimmed inner parks. One of the most unusual shop in the world will also be one of the tour's highlights.

  • Père Lachaise cemetery is the most prestigious and visited in Paris. Located in the 20th arrondissement, it extends over 44 acres of outstanding scenery and contains about 70,000 graves. In the largest green space in Paris are the graves of many celebrities: Balzac, Chopin, Colette, Champollion, Molière, Yves Montand and Simone Signoret, Jim Morrison, Alfred de Musset, Edith Piaf, Pissarro, Oscar Wilde, Modigliani and many others. The cemetery is also well known because the Commune of Paris, a socialist Revolution ended right there in 1871 in horrid fightings.
  • Discover mythical streets and monuments of Paris through an enchanting walk between the Royal Palace and the Arc de Triomphe. The history and architecture of these places will be explored during this walk, revealing its many hidden secrets and unknown anecdotes. We will move along the central avenue, which formulates part of the part of the long, linear perspective of the grand boulevards of Paris to business district la Défense.
  • Strolling under the beautiful glass walkways of Paris. From the Palais Royal pleasures galleries to the performances of the Grands Boulevards, discover the vibrant life of the city in the nineteenth century between elegance, roguery and marketing. The walk will explore the most well-known and beautiful passages of the right bank from North to south, strolling casually through houses, sneaking quietly from one street to another, the transition is definitely a Parisian invention.
  • Sample a wide variety of French food while exploring the chic Saint-Germain-des-Prés district on this walking tour. Taste everything from the most exquisite chocolate to freshly-baked patisseries. Make your own choices in a beautiful boulangerie (bakery) where your guide will help you understand the wide range of salty or sweet delicacies. In the end, finish the tour enjoying wine and cheese in a typical Parisian café talking about the implications of art, socializing and food in daily French life! Tour also available in the Marias or Montmartre
  • This tour will take you on a pleasant and informative stroll along the Seine river, and help you amire the beautiful sites built along the way. You will discover all patrimonial landmarks as well as great history and little known facts about the neighborhood, and of course get some information about what the area has to offer when it comes to shopping and food. If a few places are world famous, some other are less conspicuous or reopened recently. The stroll will take you all the way up to Place de la Concorde.
  • The Opera Garnier is undoubtedly one of the most dazzling monuments in Paris. The tour will go through the history and context of the construction with a first outdoor description. The visit of the building will start with a vast space formerly used as a waiting room, before ascending the Great Staircase which leads to the auditorium as well as the various reception rooms and the famous grand foyer. It opens onto a balcony offering a stunning panorama stretching over to the Louvre. Some areas also exhibit costumes from famous plays, an archive gallery and temporary exhibitions.
  • Amid disarray and chaos, the German army entered Paris on the 14th of June 1940. They will rule over Paris until the end of August 1944. Between grand and small history, the tour takes you to see the main buildings where the German invaders settled and ruled for four long years. Lives, actions and fates of a few unknown people living through this period will also be told along the way, between Occupation, Resistance, Collaboration, Deportation and Liberation.
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