A day in Champagne

Spend a day in Champagne following one of two different routes and have a fabulous experience. This northeast region of France is noteworthy for its long history of winemaking and stories of resilience throughout the First World War.
One itinerary will prioritise the Champagne countryside with typical villages and tastings at small wine growers. The other will start in Reims, the capital of Champagne, on the trail of its long historical and architectural heritage before visiting some of the most famous Champagne houses.



A day in Champagne

Practical informations:
• Meeting point: to be confirmed
• Duration: around 11 hours
• Private transport
• 3 different visit of champagne houses
• From 160€ to 500€ per person (min: 2 people / max: 8)
• Transportation and all sites tickets included.


First Route: Champagne tasting in the countryside

Explore the vineyards and meet the small champagne growers!



The day will start early with a private car to pick you up at your hotel. The drive takes approximately two hours to reach the countryside of the eastern Champagne region.
The first stop will be at a wonderful chateau, former home of famous Veuve Clicquot champagne house.
You’ll be able to feel the intimacy of a winery run for generations by a passionate family. The visit will start in the vineyards, in front of the beautiful Renaissance chateau. We’ll tour around the traditional vat room and cellar before tasting the family champagnes, either inside, or on the terrace overlooking the vineyards.
We’ll stop for lunch in the town of Epernay, formal capital of Champagne wines. Some of the most famous houses of champagne are located there. We’ll stop there to visit one of them in order to gain insight into the tradition and know-how from a leading brand.

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The day will continue with a scenic drive through the vineyards and two beautiful and traditional nearby villages, providing an occasion for personal shopping.
The last stop will be for a visit in another family-run estate in a small village close by. The owner will share with you the authenticity of the daily life of a small wine grower in the Champagne region. A tasting of 3 to 4 different champagnes will follow.

The car will return to Paris by motorway where we’ll arrive between 7 and 8 pm.


Seconde Route: Reims and the great houses of champagne

• First class train to Reims
• Walk and visit in the city centre
• Taxi for long distances
• 3 houses visits with 2 to 4 premium tasting experience
• From 160€ to 500€ per person (min: 2 people / max: 8)



You’ll meet your guide at the train station for a 45 min. comfortable and quick trip in first class seat to Reims.

The day there will start with a short walk around the centre city before visiting of the famous cathedral.

Over 800 years of French history is contained within its walls including the coronation of almost all of the French kings. Despite severe damages due to the bombings of the First World War, statues, stained glass windows, and amazing details can still be admired, including the famous “smiling Angel“, welcoming visitors at the entrance gate.
Between walks into the city or breaks for shopping, the day will be filled with visits of 3 of the world famous houses of champagne located all around the city. A taxi will be used to cover longer distances.

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You are sure to be surprised by the history and splendor of the Champagne houses, but above all the length and depth of their cellars. These contain both production secrets and thousand of bottles!

On each occasion, the visit will take you through the process of champagne making as well as the house’s fascinating historical background! All of these places have a long and colorful history. A tasting of 3 to 4 different champagnes. will follow each visit.

A final taxi will take us back to the station for a train to Paris where we should arrive around 7:30 pm.


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