Art Deco

This tour is meant for architecture and interior decoration lovers.
A first stretch in Western Paris will recall Art Déco‘s origins and diffusion, highlighted with several houses built in the same street by key architects. One of these houses will be exceptionally open for a visit of the vast workshop on the ground floor.
Just a block away, another amazing place, built by leading 1930’s architect Le Corbusier, gives another orientation to modernist style.
After a short metro trip, a stop has been arranged in one of the most beautiful and typical restaurants in Paris, rich with anecdotes. Across the street, is another example of Art Deco buildings, directly inspired by American high rise.
The end of the tour will take place in a fantastic hotel built as a tribute to the great 1925 Art Déco exhibition, filled with the most refined furniture, frescoes, and decors.



Art Deco in Paris

Practical information

  • Location : Métro Ranelagh (line 9)
  • Duration : 2h
  • Walk and métro
  • Special dates only
  • Private group tour at any date with booking in advance (270€)
  • Includes a tour of a sculptor’s workshop (summer only)
  • Visit a villa by Le Corbusier (10€ pp) at other times

Paris 1925: an exhibition will change architecture and design in a lasting way, in France as in many foreign countries: the International Exhibition of Modern Decorative and Industrial Arts, illustration of a newfound glory and illusion of universal peace.
In 1900, the World Exhibition consecrated Art Nouveau and showed France’s technical and industrial mastering. However, French designers were overwhelmed and dominated by the industrial reproduction of old famous classical styles. That is why the Society of Decorative Artists is created, whose objective is innovation and not copy.
After the First World War, society has changed: one must be modern: mechanization, civil aviation, democratization of the automobile, development of tourism induce new construction: garages, airports, among others.
The architecture is renewed with right angles, plain surfaces and sharp edges. Architect and decorator Robert Mallet Stevens inaugurates the first “modern” street in Paris. His style is characterized by the absence of symmetry and the straight line is back as a central feature.
Unlike Art Nouveau, Art Déco sees creations by architects, surrounded by all kind of fine crafts: master glassmakers, ironworkers, sculptors… Great signatures that have left the style an elitist and luxury image. Yet art Déco has oriented creations of popular furniture as much as social housing.
Art Deco was probably the first truly international style with various developments and creations in many countries in Europe and Africa, from Japan to Brazil and of course in the United States. After being inspired by the French architects and the essential teaching of the Ecole des Beaux-Arts, American Art Deco high rise buildings will be in turn copied and will expand all around the world.
In July and August, the tour includes the visit of the Martel brothers pristine sculptor’s workshop, with furniture and interior design from the Art Déco period. At other times, Villa La Roche, a masterpiece by Le Corbusier is on the agenda.
The tour ends in the most perfect example of Art Déco building, today, a 5 stars hotel.

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