Chinatown Paris

Step into Wenzou, via Hanoi, Pnom-phen or Vientiane at the nearby Choisy triangle, the largest of the four Asian districts of Paris. Many expatriates from former French colonies in Asia own businesses around the commercial area of Olympiades, the heart of the area that has now become the largest Chinatown in Europe.



Visit Chinatown Paris

Practical informations

  • Location : Métro Maison Blanche (line 7)
  • Duration : 2h15
  • Walking tour
  • Private group tour at any date: 270€ TTC (up to 22 people)


the tour will highlight the largest Chinatown in Europe, where, around shopping centres and several super stores, Asian people come for good bargains from the whole Paris region, and often further away in France and even from abroad.

In the ‘70s, Boat-People, refugees from Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos began moving into new buildings that Parisians did not want to inhabit. The commercial area of Olympiades became a meeting place for Asian people in Paris. Many Asian shops and associations can be found there amid the hustle and bustle, alongside amazing small temples that are not easy to spot. Visitors are welcome to attend there ans look at the many offerings surrounding worshipers.

The walk continues through the surrounding streets, where Cambodian and Vietnamese shops and restaurants contribute to the feeling of being in South East Asia. Goods are being shopped both in the streets, with local, colorful street vendors, as well as in the countless stores around.
The tour finishes not far from there with the last of these Asian Paris delights among which huge and busy supermarkets, exotic products and Chinese Christian churches.

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