Les Batignolles

Stroll the 17th arrondissement of Paris and discover the unsung Batignolles quarter, with its flowery and discreet streets and designer shops. Beyond the traditional park lies the recently built eco-neighborhood around the Park Martin Luther King, as well as the brand new courthouse designed by the architect of the famous Centre Pompidou museum, Renzo Piano.



Les Batignolles

Practical informations

  • Location : Métro Rome (line 2)
  • Duration : 2h15
  • Walk
  • Private group tour at any date (270€)


After having explored the area, we will cross the railway lines and enter the ancient village of Batignolles. The battles of 1871 destroyed a big part of the buildings in this area, and the architecture is therefore less luxurious here, with modern apartment blocks and small two-storey houses. The difference between the two villages is especially noteworthy in this regard.
In the poorest part of Batignolles the population has gotten younger and more dynamic, which the neighborhood has benefited from. Near the main street, the church and the 19th century square, there are many cafés, restaurants and trendy shops have appeared in the past few years. The numerous art studios and galleries contribute to the bobo charm of the neighborhood.
Today, the area north of Batignolles which is close to the city limits, has been considerably restructured; there is a big park surrounded by buildings in glass and steel, made by some of the biggest names in contemporary architecture.
One of them, the new courthouse is over 150m high. With the brand new police headquarters, they fly high in a former disused area of Paris.
With a metro station coming out off the ground, the area symbolizes the future of Paris.

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