Art Nouveau

Art Nouveau is a new conception in art that will spread out in Europe between the 1880’s up till the First World War, not only in architecture, but also in design and furniture. If many countries will develop their own version, a few architects will in France sign several buildings emblematic  and prestigious up to our times.
Two routes are proposed to experience the best of Art Nouveau in Paris.



Experience the best of Art Nouveau in Paris!

Practical Information
• Two Routes available
• Meeting Point: TBD
• Duration : 2h15
• Walking tour
• Small group (up to 8 people) 50-80€ pp
• Private group tour at any date (280€/group)

There are two possibilities to admire the msot marvelous wonders of Art Nouveau in Paris. Other routes can combine Art Nouveau with more modern movements like Beaux Arts or Art Deco, all of them specially pregnant in the West of Paris.

First route:
Between Trocadero to the Ecole Militaire, this first itinerary will show eclectism and variety displaying many different Art Nouveau buildings.

From the late 1880’s to the 1910’s, Art Nouveau will sweep over Paris and leave incredible constructions, dramatically changing from the traditional Parisian skyline with asymmetric buildings, colors, curvy floral and animal decors, wrought iron balconies, fantastic doors and an unprecedented mix of building materials.

From the Trocadero sides streets to the Champs de Mars surroundings, the walk will show the most amazing constructions in Paris, including a few hidden gems, in the 16th and 7th arrondissements.
This route will review various buidings showing amazing evolutions in Art Nouveau led by architects such as Jules Lavirotte or Hector Gimard for the most famous ones.
Other buidings from lesser known architects display fantastic decors, colored glazed coverings and personal touches very much admired back then and often earning their builders the much acclaimed City of Paris’s most beautiful facade.

Second route:

The former village of Auteuil was for long away from Paris and to a fair extent close to the countryside in the end of the nineteeth century. the old center streets still retain a village like atmosphere.

Parisian elite found large and free pieces of land to build their new homes. This is how the area became a playground for many innovative architects, like Henri Sauvage but especially Hector Guimard.
The most renown Art Nouveau architect in France will leave many testimonies of his talents in this area, from his very first constructions to the Hotel Guimard, his fromer residence and workplace, famous for the round shaped rooms and specially designed furnitures.
The tour will also stop by one of Guimard’s most eminent construction, the Castel Beranger. Inaugurated when Guimard was barely 30 years old,

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