Cabarets of Montmartre

Go back to Montmartre heydays, when dozens of cabarets were lining the Boulevards and people from all over the world flocking there for entertainment! Pictures and music will give you a bright idea of long gone buildings and different type of shows usually on.
The tour starts with the small and unusual museum of recorded sound where amazing “talking machines” are showcased, reminding how Montmartre benefited this invention with cafés, dancing halls and cabarets.
Learn also how Pigalle became the world famous red light district synonym of entertainment, crime and sex.



Cabarets of Montmartre

Practical Informations
• Meeting Point: Metro Blanche line 2)
• Duration : 2h
• Walking tour
• Small group (2 to 8 people) 40-70€ pp + 5€ pp Museum entrance
• Private group tour at any date (270€) + 5€ pp Museum entrance

The tour will highlight the famous places where many artists and songwriters have performed. While many music halls and concert halls remain, anecdotes and photos will make it possible to revive the disappeared cabarets.
The heights of Montmartre shelter the residences, past or present, of numerous artists, as many witnesses of the district very special particularity. Indeed in addition to the charm, Montmartre has long been a must for party goers and night owls in search of thrills.
Starting with world famous Moulin Rouge, first building lit up with electricity in Paris, the walk will tell you many secrets behind the success story.
Along the stroll, you’ll discover how insignificant or modern buildings once staged world famous venues with amazing architectural features and sumptuous or wild interior decor!
Until the first world war, artists from all over the world would assemble on the heights of Montmartre in search of inspiration and emulation. Cabarets on the boulevards were used by both artists and regular Parisian costumers. Singing, dancing, acting and general entertaining were attracting people from all sides of the city, soon to be joined by foreigners, eager to take part of the pleasures and risqué shows given by the city of lights. Indeed, prostitution and gambling were mixing with refined locations and sheer creativity.

Place Pigalle is on the way. Once at the center of one of the world’s most famous red light district, it is now a quiet square, but very different at night! Most buildings around have housed either a night club, a strip joint, a dancing or more. Many crime stories will also be told along the way.
Eventually, you’ll discover many cabarets and concert venues still exist to this day, with very different kind of shows, thus maintaining high Montmartre’s reputation of entertainment.

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